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When It Rains It Pours

Posted on Sat Jan 10th, 2015 @ 5:20pm by Chief Petty Officer Julia Wagner & Lieutenant Commander Christian Barns & Lieutenant JG Jessica Kroenen & Lieutenant JG Tivri Ben Hassrath

Mission: Mira Novum Orbis
Location: USS Columbia
Timeline: After the "On the Columbia" Post


There was no sign of V’Las on the bridge. “Lieutenant Tevik?” Wagner asked once more. Again, there was no response. She quickly sprinted to the science console, and once more was unable to shut down the main deflector. “Commander...” Said the hesitant yeoman.

Commander Barns said "Shut down, all main power including the deflector."

“...I’m unable to shut down power to the main deflector and Lieutenant Tevik is not on the bridge.”

Christian wondered where she was and then said, "Evacuate main engeering and get a damage control team down there. Prepare to evacuate the ship!"

Suddenly, Julia, the yeoman turned damage control specialist noticed yet another abnormality. "Commander, my console is indicating cascading power failures throughout the ship! Life support on decks 19 through 24 is off line, navigation sensors are down, and we've lost intership communications." Visibly shaken, Wagner was in over her head. She looked at the acting captain for directions.

Commander Barns shouted "Red Alert! re-route emergency power to those decks for life support and send a distress signal for assistance.

" On it sir." Cam the andorian from the comms station.

The bridge was immediately bathed in a cloud of red emergency lights and filled Julia with a sense of fear that she had never known before. There was a good chance that in the next ten minutes, she’d be dead. “My controls are fused.” Wagner moved to the environmental station and tried once more. “It’s no use, sir. We need to use the manual override on deck 21!”

Christian said, "Then go, Chief, do what you need to." He sat back in the chair barely able to contain himself.

Instantly, she thought 'why me?' But, there was no time to feel fear or pity. Wagner knew what she needed to do. "Aye, sir. I'll need some help." As she made her way to the turbolift, she spoke "Request permission to have Lieutenant Foxwood accompany me. If we can't access the manual override, we can at least facilitate a quicker evacuation."

Dare turned towards the XO and said, "I might be of some help, sir. I've had some experience with, well, a little bit of everything," she shrugged and waved at the ceiling, at the emergency lights and the klaxons, "Honestly, I don't see how I could make anything worse."

Commander Barns said, "Okay, Lieutenant, go and do what you can."

Dare nodded and headed to the turbolift. Standing next to the chief, she gave her a confident smile and said, "Don't look so down, Chief."

The doors swooshed closed.

"Would it make you feel better if I let them name the big blue green gas giant after you? I am considering trading up; "The Foxwood system," has a nice ring to it."

Wagner let out a slight laugh. "I'd be fine with renaming the entire Beta Quadrant after you if it means we get home." The yeoman turned bridge officer said. "Deck 21!" She said, putting her back against the wall as the lift started moving.

Dare had prepared what to her mind was to be a clever response when the turbolift shuddered. She planted her feet wide to keep them and said, "Chief, I do hope you have a brilliant plan to save the day," she eyed the woman with a wry smile, "No pressure, eh?"

"None at all." Wagner simply said. Suddenly, the turbolift doors swooshed open. Almost immediately, they were inundated with the sound of the environmental alert klaxon, followed by the voice of the computer. "Life support failure in three minutes. Evacuate the area." The message repeated. Thankfully, it seemed like most of the personnel in the area had listened to the warning. "I don't know if you're a religious person or not, ma'am." Wagner turned to the Lieutenant. "Because, I think a prayer may be in order." Wagner took a step off of the lift and took a brief moment to get her bearings. Her duties as the Captain's yeoman typically meant that she was working on the first few decks, so she was slightly overwhelmed by the sheer size of the lower decks. "This way."

The mechanical voice of the computer played the warning again. "Life support failure in two minutes, forty five seconds. Evacuate the area." The two entered a sprint as they made their way to environmental control. Naturally, it was as far from the turboshaft as possible, but they arrived quickly. As they approached the threshold, the doors opened, and Wagner made her way to the center console. Julia read the screen to Lieutenant Foxwood. "Damn! The emergency batteries are drained. We're looking at a total failure in under two minutes" Then, the computer corrected Julia.

"Life support failure in one minutes and fifty seconds."

Commander Barns had quickly wondered what happened and got up from the command chair and went over to the engineering station and it read that a life support failure was in process, he then turned to the communications officer and said, "Lieutenant, have transporters standing by to beam them out in case they cant finish in time.

" On it sir." Tivri called from the station

For a better part of the last few hours, Jessica, was aimless walking the corridors of the mighty Columbia. She didn't really see the need for being stuck inside an office. She randomly walked, spoke to a few crewmen, to see how they were doing, gave them some advice, before heading off once more. Though, by the time all the problems started, Lt. Kroenen, had found her way to the bridge to take up one of the aux. science station. She hurried herself, to help with repairs, even though, she knew next to nothing on maintaining an starship. However, she did managed to record what was taking place around the ship, during this time.

Quickly, Wagner pointed to the starboard console. "Lieutenant, you're going to have to re-route auxiliary power to the primary atmospheric generator while I work on the heating, or else they'll find a bunch of frozen corpses."

The room shook as the two women worked on re-routing power. They continued to work as the computer counted down the time. Wagner knew they only had thirty seconds until a life support failure in this section. It was now too late to get back to the turbolift. They would have to succeed, or they were dead. She felt the room's temperature drop, and their breath was now visible. "It's now or never!" The Chief said, as the consoles turned from red to blue.

Power to the atmospheric generator and the heating systems had been restored, and it was functioning on all decks, except deck twenty one. Two lives would mean nothing in the grand scheme of things, especially if they had saved over 700 lives. The air had begun to thin, and the cold started to consume Julia. In that moment, she accepted her impending doom.

Suddenly a transporter beam got them off the deck.


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