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Killing two birds with one Stone

Posted on Sat Jan 10th, 2015 @ 5:01pm by Commander Nicholas Papandreou Ph.D & Lieutenant Commander Christian Barns & Lieutenant JG Jessica Kroenen

Mission: Mira Novum Orbis
Location: Transporter room 2
Timeline: Two Weeks Ago

Mysteries of the universe, were just that. No one, had an good enough answer to these mysteries, not even the Vulcans, which Jessica, wasn't one. Some where just taken for granted, while other, the more lesser of the older ones, we're solved. However, an woman who study the mind indepth wondered if in fact there was an link of sorts with the vastness of space and the vast network of what made up the mind. She had several titled thrust upon her over the many years, more importantly upon her arrival to Starfleet, by countless beings on near countless of worlds, the mystery of space time continued. But, it was her fondness of those who call this realm of the unknown, space time and the mind, that kept her going, despite how most people viewed the universe.

She had quietly observed, helped them, help guide them through their various task, concerns, and whatever else that was asked of her upon an each starship the woman from Welcome Minnesota has been assign to and now she praised as an friend an well balanced woman. However, as time ticked through the endless void of space, virtually hand to hand. The counselor, that were once seen head shrinks, Chaplains, and other titles by different alien race, which soon faded away to dust, to be replaced by an far better titled that saved and leaded aid to the other of the United Federation of Planets. In which she is, the counselor officer never turned an blind eye to those in need.

She was every much devoted to their various plights, victories, love, sadness, war, peace, and all things that made starfleet STARFLEET, plus their never ending emotional state of mind. Even the Vulcans. It was Starfleet never ending reach for knowledge of the unknown. Over the many long years with Starfleet, she always visited Earth and other worlds many times. There was no real place she loved more, then the grand gulf of infinite space. To her, seeing the advancements of the Federation, the sounds of life, everything was an beauty in among it’s own. However, she didn’t agree with most of man’s ideals of certain things, that bought horrors to each others.

‘War is one thing. But, this…’ she thought, as she covered her lips to hide her shock as she looked images of Hebrew camps in Germany during the second world War of Earth as Jessica read an history Book '…this isn’t what we should be doing to one another.'

She sighed, as she lowered her head and wiped a lone tear from her eye. Before she moved onto reading other cultural insight of Earth during that time period. Sometime later, the woman from Minnesota, who happen to be wearing her black trousers and a double-breasted red jacket worn over a turtlenecked undershirt, standard uniform attire, so she can blend in with the others. She didn’t want to draw attention to herself, however, some tried, mainly males coming up to her and trying to ask her out. Which were spoken to in a fashion that they could hear, emotionless tone of voice, near motherly, return in a way that summed up to an No. She walked the station heading to the transporter station. She was impressed with all that she was seeing.

However, as she entered into a transport station for she had an meeting that evening. Even here, she briefly recalled her moments, as clear as day, of the transport mishap on the T'Pol. However, she pressed onward and not to dwell on such bad memories after the mishap and nothing had happen to her, except some minor issues but, she did still worried that something would happen to her again. Not with standing her not so long ago, the near lost of the USS Arizona, near the Pearl nebula, which was near the Klingon DMZ, set shivers down her spine, yet, again, she remain stead fast and drove on. She stepped onto the transporter pad and headed to her new location. An starship named Columbia

-Transporter room 2-

Watching the active display on their transporter station, as well as monitoring transmission from the station, Crewmen Stark and Vincent, were busily transporter personnel and other materials on board the Excelsior class Starship, USS Columbia. However, when word of the ship's newest officer, was there for transport, the two, contacted the ship's CO and XO of the arrival of counselor. Which, wasn’t anything out of place, which under normal protocol, an transfer such as Jessica Kroenen, wouldn't have been needed, however it was felt that it would be wise for her to meet the top brass first, before paying the CMO and anyone else they desire for her to see.

Christian was in his quarters and said, "Yes, crewman is someone beaming aboard the Columbia?"

"Yes, sir." Crewmen Vincent said once he contacted the bridge "You wanted to to be paged when an new senior officer was beaming over. Lt. JG Jessica Kroenen, our ship counselor"

Christian replied, "Thank you, I will be there shortly. Have the Lieutenant wait for me till I arrive."

"Aye sir" return Vincent and switched off the comm.

Commander Barns got up and put on his jacket and made his way to the transporter room.

Arriving from one location to another, was an set norm for Starfleet. However, with Jessica's mishap on the T'Pol, she founded it safer to have her eyes shut when she beamed from one point to another, plus to sing to herself an song from Static-X 'Wisconsin Death Trip'. When the sounds differ from the hum of station to an slightly louder hum of an starship, she slowly open her eyes, knowing that the transport was finished. her orbs, looked onto three men, two of enlisted ranking and the other an officer. She looked to the brown haired and blue eye officer and offer an kind Welcome Minnesota smile to him.

"Permission to come aboard, sir" stating friendly, as she held her history book under her arm as she looked to Commander Barns

Commander Barns said, "Granted, Lieutenant. I understand that you are our new ship's counselor. I dont remember a time where I served aboard a starship and a counselor was onboard.

Meanwhile, in his ready room, Captain Papandreou was reviewing the latest intelligence reports from the Romulan border. There was concern among some in Starfleet that this buildup was going to lead to a border incursion. Nick thought it was the same posturing that they did every couple of months. But, nevertheless, he was concerned. Suddenly, his yeoman, Julia Wagner entered the room. "Captain..." she said.

"What is it, Ms. Wagner?" He said, looking up from his report. "You're late to the transporter room." The petite redhead replied. "Why? I saw Commander Bentler off." Julia shook her head. "Lieutenant Kroenen is beaming aboard." The Captain scratched his head. "Kroenen?" Suddenly, he put it together. "Oh, the counselor." He had mixed emotions about having a counselor aboard. Nick held no prejudices against counselors. In fact, he's benefited from talking to them from time to time. But that was either on a Starbase or at Headquarters. On Columbia, he was worried that she might get in the way.

The Captain closed the front of his jacket and locked his should strap in place, and made his way to the transporter room uncharacteristically tardy. Thankfully, Commander Barns was already there. Nick nodded at his second in command and turned his eyes towards the 5'2" female. "Welcome aboard, Lieutenant. I'm Nicholas Papandreou, Captain of the Columbia."

The woman from Minnesota, looked to Barns and nodded her head, with an smile on her lips as she stepped off the transporter pads. "Well, sir, normally, counselors are there, but, as the ship's Doctor. But, the last few years now, on some ship's Starfleet..." Looked to the CO of the Columbia "...thank you sir. As I was about to state, sir, that the counselor department, is an branch of the medical field. I report to the Doctor, but, at the same time, report to the Commander Barns. Whole chain of command, sir. Well, for status of the crew and if I am needed on the bridge to read peoples and a few non human species's body languages and facial gestures. Plus, if someone needs to get something off their chest and talk. I don't dwell in what makes you this way and that or your family life. That's for the Starbase or headquarters psychologist. I'm here for the moment and try to redirect you to being back to normal. Whatever that is."

Papandreou was listening to the woman's words. While he was well aware of how the counselor would be reporting and what her duties were, it was refreshing to hear that she was there for more than analyzing his crew's every move. "We're still getting used to our normal ourselves, considering that Columbia has recently been launched and this is our first mission." He responded seriously, yet politely.

Christian acknowledged the woman's words also and simply didnt have anything to say as of yet.

"Sorry, it was meant to be a joke." she said as her eyes shifted to both of them and then stopped on the Commander Papandreou. She titled her head to the right when she noticed an twitch or two, let alone his hands moving as well, but, didn't say what she thought, but did add as she went back to normal head straighten. She saw his reaction or awkwardness or some sort of misinterpreting signals from the opposite sex and signs of his Insomnia.

"If I am not on the bridge or in my office, I believe I'll be in one of the science labs, helping there. I do have a few minors in science, that, I know, I can help were we are lacking in one of those departments."

The Captain laughed nervously as she revealed she was joking. Unsure of how to react, he simply listened to Kroenen's words. "In what fields do you hold those minors, Lieutenant? Until I assumed command of Columbia, I was a science officer."

Christian could tell his boss was nervous and maybe until he spoke to her in her capacity as a counselor, but Christian said, "It will be good to have you on the bridge and have you see areas of improvement, Counselor."

"Life Sciences, mostly human and humanoid biology, but, did some time working with Botany side of the life sciences. Plus chemistry, sir" Jessica returned

Commander Barns then thought that the counselor should be shown to her quarters. Christian said, "Lieutenant, may I show you to your quarters?"

With an nod of her head, Jessica, excepted the offer from Commander Barns. Lt. Kroenen, knew from her transfer form transfer from the Lexington to the Columbia, was slightly larger in size, but, the lay out of the corridors, quarters, and everything else, was generally the same. However, one could easily end up being lost, if they didn't know the lay of the land.

"If you don't mind, escorting an Minnesota girl, commander" Jessica returned with an smile.

Christian extended his arm as they did back in the 19th century and said, "If you'll come with me please.

With an nod of her head, Jessica, followed Christian


Commander Nicholas Papandreou
Commanding Officer
USS Columbia


Lieutenant Commander Christian Barns
First and Chief Tactical Officer
USS Columbia


Lieutenant Junior grade Jessica Kroenen
USS Columbia


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