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Mission: Mira Novum Orbis
Location: Planet
Timeline: Immediately After Strong Signals

The Captain was surprised at how easy the hike had been, but a planet with .7g gravity would do that, even in an environmental suit. The landing party had just finished coming down the final hill. About 100 meters in front of them was an ancient silver escape pod. Remarkably, his tricorder was still detecting a lifesign. He saw Dunross enter a sprint, and quickly followed. "Come on!" Nick called out to them. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally arrived at the pod.

With two gravity lifts, Chief Engineer Kattean and assisting Ensigns; Krell and Capshaw, were plotting right along, being careful not to steer the lifts into anything too rough. Finally reaching the pod, Daz spoke to the Captain. "After all these years, there's no telling how bad the environmental controls have degraded. I'm amazed they work at all, but when we enter the pod, the controls just might fail. I better bring some tools with me and go to work on that immediately. Next on the list would be the capsule keeping this life form alive."

“Understood.” Papandreou said, catching his breath after the sprint. “The pod is quite cramped, will you have enough room to work?”

"I think so, Captain, but we'll have to see." Daz replied, as he studied the hatch.

“Agreed. We won’t know until we get in.” The Captain looked at Dunross and Kattean. “Would you two care to give me a hand with the hatch?”

"Sure thing." the Chief agreed and pulled hard with the others on the locking mechanism. Unfortunately, even their combined strength was not enough.

"This looks like it will take some special tools to get inside. We have no idea what type of atmosphere is in there. It could be quite deadly, perhaps flammable as well. The slightest spark could result in an explosion. I might have something here that would be safe to use, Captain." and Daz reached down to open a utility box on the lift, then started searching for a tool.

Ian tried the hatch and of course it didn't want to open. It had a rotary submarine-type lock that seemed to have corroded. Taking out his phaser and setting it to a very narrow heating beam, he cut through the corrosion in the various places it was obvious, and then gave it another try. With considerable effort the wheel broke free and he was able to insecure the hatch.

Having found the tool he was looking for, Daz looked up just as Ian begin using a phaser beam on the hatch. "CAPTAIN, GET DOWN!!!" the Chief suddenly screamed, tackling the Captain, while shielding him with his own body.

"Shall we see who is in here?"

The Captain was disoriented by the sudden body slam and subsequent fall to the ground. Unaware that it was his Chief Engineer that had acted selflessly, Nick simply said “Shall we get whoever’s on me off, first?”

Daz looked up at the security officer, as if the man had gone totally insane. "Captain, forgive me but we all almost died, just now. It was only by random chance that the interior atmosphere wasn't highly flammable." and he picked himself up from the ground, then offered a hand to the Captain.

Nick was relieved when Daz stood up. Thankfully, he took the hand. “Thank you, Mr. Kattean.” He simply said, before turning to Zuub and the other engineers. “Are you three alright?”

Capshaw and Krell looked at each other, as if they had somehow cheated death. "That really caught us off-guard, Sir!" Capshaw replied, then Krell added; "I'm just glad it wasn't flammable, Sir."

Zuub answered simply, "I am well. I am certain that if there was a true issue, I would have been able to have sensed it or my tricorder picked up an issue."

Ian was a bit surprised at the overly cautious engineer. "I know how to read a tricorder."

Noticing the security officer didn't have his tricorder out, his response made little sense to Daz. "So, when were you planning on using your tricorder, Lieutenant Dunross?"

“Gentlemen, at ease.” The Captain said, wanting to defuse the tense situation. “I was using my tricorder...” Nick then pointed about 10 meters to his right, where he was slammed to the ground. “...which is right over there, to scan the interior of the pod. There was nothing abnormal about the atmosphere inside the pod.” Papandreou paused. “But we got lucky. While I appreciate the initiative, when dealing with unknowns, let me make the decisions. Understood?”

"Aye, Sir. It was survival instincts." Daz replied and it was true, at least for himself, he thought. Every good engineer had them, particularly if they wanted to stay alive.

Nick walked over to retrieve his tricorder, which was still active and detecting a faint biosign. Continuing his active scans, he returned to the pod. “Doctor Zuub and myself will enter first, to assess the condition of whoever it is in there. The rest of you, be ready to assist. Chief, inform Ensign Haines at the shuttle that we’re about to enter the pod.”

"Aye, Captain." and Daz took out his communicator and called the shuttle. "Ensign Haines, this is Chief Kattean. Our away team has just reached the pod. The Captain and Doctor Zuub are about to enter, while the rest of us are outside. That's our current progress."

"Thank you Chief", Zach replied. "I'm ready to bring the ride when you are ready to go home."

On the shuttle, Zach waited nervously. This was his first away mission. On top of that, the conditions of the planet made it sort of creepy being in the shuttle alone. He checked to make sure that there was a phaser in the compartment next to him where it was supposed to be.

Back at the pod, Daz and his two engineers were busy pulling detection gear from the two gravity lifts, just outside the pod. "Okay, we're going to need not only detection gear, but replacement parts as well. There is likely a good deal of degradation both with the environmental controls and the old medical tech used to keep this crewman alive. I'm amazed that its even functioning after all these years."

Zuub entered and looked around curiously. Her antennae circled in slow circles showing her curiosity. Zuub answered sagely, "The pod appears well made for the time. Just because equipment is older does not mean it disintegrates when new technology is created."

Zach continued to watch the scanners and out the window of the shuttle. Although there was only one lifeform that registered on the sensors besides the away team, Zach was still nervous. He hoped nothing bad happened while they were there as in all honesty, he wasn't feeling quite as cocky as he was when he first stepped on the shuttle.

Captain Papandreou made his way into the pod and was immediately stopped by another sealed hatch. This time, there was a functional control pad. Nick pressed what he believed would be the lights. Through the frost covered window, he noticed the lights in the chamber beyond come on. Immediately, he saw a body. It appeared to be human female in cryo-stasis. "Do you have a reading, doctor?" Nick asked quickly.

Zuub answered, "I do. Life signs are faint and they appear to be stable but once we open this cryo chamber, I will have little time to act and the very act of opening it may kill her."

"Understood, Doctor." Nick was amazed that she was still alive, but he knew that they would have to act fast if they were to save her. He held his tricorder to the panel, hoping that it can decipher what the revival process would be. Carefully, the Captain input the sequence, making sure to hit the "activate" button. Nothing happened. Immediately, he tried the process again. Again, nothing happened. Papandreou spoke over the open comm channel. "Daz, Dunross, we're going to need some help in here."

Ian came over and took a look. Clearly the codes weren't working, but perhaps there was something else, some clue. Leaving the pod, he looked around for anything, everything, his eyes just darting from place to place until finally they stopped at an old-fashioned binder hanging from a hook on the side of the pod.

"Looks like a manual" he said as he took the binder down and started flipping through the pages.

The Captain turned to his security officer. "Good work, Lieutenant." Nick then focused back on the task at hand. "Now, how do we start the revival sequence?"

Daz stepped inside the pod and though slightly cramped, made his way to the Captain. "The revival sequence lasted this long, which, by the way, I think is quite remarkable."

The Chief then held out a larger tricorder, much different from the current ones. "I retrieved a few diagnostic programs from back then, as well as their tricorders. They were tucked away in our ship's vast computer library. What we currently have, would be dangerous on these machines." and the chief held out a copy of an old style tricorder that was used in Earth's past.

"I'll start out with a diagnostic and some repair programs if needed, and if there are no bugs in the software, I could then activate the revival sequence. . .with yours and Doctor Zuub's approval, of course." Daz offered, as he started with the diagnostic program, using the older tricorder.

"Are we certain that this is what we should do, Captain? I do not detect any diseases from here but perhaps there is a reason that she is the only one in this cryo-chamber."

"Perhaps. But, there is a human in there. Is there any way that we can transport her back to Columbia without reviving her?" Papandreou turned to the impressively tall Andorian. "Doctor, I have absolute trust in your medical abilities, but I do think it would be preferable to revive her with the resources of Columbia's sick bay."

"Nothing in the pod would interfere with transporters" Ian replied.

"The problem is, Columbia would be days away in her current condition and our shuttle only has escape transporters." The Captain was beginning to isolate his thoughts. For a man with a knack for developing alternatives, a better one did not exist. "We have to take our chances and revive her." He turned back to the doctor. "Could you keep her sedated until the shuttle reaches Columbia?"

Zuub looked inside her medical kit. She could do it but the risk of waking someone and keeping them under for several days were dangerous. "Captain, I have to advise against this procedure. Keeping a human sedated after reviving them from such ancient technology is extremely dangerous. We do not know how well it will work and I do not have all of my equipment from sickbay available here. If there is an emergency, this human could die. Obviously, that blood would be on your hands and a potential court martial."

The Captain clearly understood the doctor's words. He also understood the consequences of his actions. Decisively, he gave the order to his Tarrellian engineer. "Daz, begin the revival sequence."

"Aye, Captain." and Daz looked down at the diagnostic program and noticed it was complete. There were several bugs in the software, making it necessary to pause several moments as the ancient tricorder slowly repaired the program. Finally, all the repairs were complete. "This is it, Captain, now we see if this old technology still works!" and the chief touched a few keys that activated the revival sequence. The pod suddenly came alive, as a series of meters lit up the control panel and a low humming sound was heard.

The cold was bone-chilling. Thats all there was, just cold, bone-chilling cold. The sounds were distant, voices, machines, electronics, but over all of it was the mind-numbing, bone-chilling cold. Her arms and legs convulsed involuntarily as her lungs eagerly pulled in their first breath in well over a century.

All around her they chattered and occasionally she could feel hands on her cold skin. There were assorted words. "blood pressure", "bleeding", "pulse" and many others, but most of the chatter was simply lost to the cold. Then, gradually, she felt something injected into her right arm and the warmth began to spread, pushing back the fog as well as the chills.

Her right eye fluttered open, the left still sealed shut by both swelling and dried blood. Everything was bright white, but there were shadows, figures. She tried to speak, but only it was just a soft puff of air on dry, parched lips.

Daz was closely watching the meters, when suddenly one of the servos started to fade, "Not now, the revival sequence is not quite done." The Chief then ripped off a panel and reached inside to actually hold the small servo in his hand. "WORK, you rusty little piece of obsolete motor, WORK!!!" and he then reached into a satchel and pulled out a small can that fit nicely in his palm, he then used it to spray a fine mist over the tiny gears of the servo. Putting it back into place, the failing servo slowly came back to life and seconds later, it hummed as it had before.

"That was close, Captain. This little servo is very important during the re-warming process. Had the servo stopped, her bodily fluids would have stopped recycling during the final stages. Lucky that I always carry this with me." and the Chief showed everyone his small can of WD-40 spray. "Its old tech, but it works." Daz remarked, then continued watching the meters, making sure there were no further problems.

Zuub closed in on the cryo chamber. If anything went wrong, she needed to be there to try and mitigate the damage. Her antennae fell flat against her head with worry.

“Baseball…WD-40…Lieutenant, are you actually from the twentieth century?” The Captain said somewhat lightheartedly. Then, his attention turned to the officer beginning to revive. It was a truly remarkable sight to see a body come back to life. She seemed like she was starting to come around. Carefully, he asked “What is your name, rank, and assignment?”

Tatiana pulled in a deep breath and held it, closing her eye and counting to ten. When she opened her eye and exhaled, the white shadows were now turning gray and she could almost make out detail. Enough at least to know they were human and not Romulan. She again tried to speak, and this time was able to manage a soft whisper.

"Tatiana Karatova, Lieutenant. Chief Armory Officer, ESS Columbia."

“Now, that’s a coincidence.” The Captain said, somewhat amazed that another Columbia made it out this far before his. Quickly, he gestured to Doctor Zuub. Presumably, she was running some type of scan. “How is she, doctor?”

Zuub waved her medical tricorder over Tatiana. "She is weak. Her metabolism is going to take some time to recover. I would imagine that she likely feels cold and if we do not keep her warm, it is possible that she could go into shock."

Daz stood back to let the Captain and the Doctor take over. "I brought some heating blankets with me. They're on the gravity lift, if needed." he offered.

“Go get them. I think she’s going to need them.” Ordered the Captain. So much was wrong with the picture. The odds of such a situation were astronomical. While he intended to getting answers to his questions, now was not the time.

Zuub ordered Daz to get the heating blankets. "If necessary, we may need to also use our physical bodies to keep her warm. In the meantime," she said giving Tatiana a shot, "hopefully this will help recharge your metabolism and get your blood flowing again."

"So cold" Tatiana managed to whisper as she shivered.

“We’ve got something to warm you up on the way.” Papandreou stated. He quickly looked to the hatch and gestured to Daz to throw them. They had no time to waste.

Daz reached into a crate on one of the two gravity-lifts, searched around for a moment until he found them, then handed the blankets to the Captain.

Zuub loked at Daz as he handed the blankets to the Captain. Her antennae twirled slightly. Was the man daft? She looked at the Captain and said, "Wrap her up immediately. Time is not our friend."

The Captain took the heating blankets and wrapped them around her while the doctor tended to her medical needs. “Here you are, Lieutenant. Is that better?”

"We have a gurney as well, Captain." the Chief added, but wasn't sure Papandreou heard him.

Zuub continued to scan Tatiana. "She seems to be capable of walking at this time, Captain. I do not know how well her muscle memory is, though, as we do not know what time she is from."

Still shivering, Tatiana tried to focus. As her body warmed, the pain from her injuries returned and the bleeding resumed from the many injuries minor and serious all over her left side.

"Where am I?" she asked, and the followed with the much more important question "And when?"

Nick pondered her words. Knowing the likelihood that the truth will leave her in disbelief, possibly shock, he decided to slowly update Karatova. "Well, Lieutenant..." he hesitated. "...we don't exactly know where we are." While that was the truth, the Captain wanted to wait until they were back on Columbia to fill her in on the little details. "As for when, you're no longer in the year 2159."

Daz read a few of the meters and noticed the re-warming process was almost complete and soon they could remove the survivor from the chamber. "Revival sequence will end in a couple minutes, Doctor."

Zuub continued to eye Tatiana cautiously. Her antennae leaned forward as she told her, "I believe that you will be fine. I will keep you under my care. Understand that you are to do nothing once you get back to Columbia until I have cleared you.

Doctors, it seamed, were all the same, though Tatiana had never seen a blue one with antenna before, or one so shockingly tall. One thing was certain though, blue and tall or not, Tatiana was not the most obedient of patients in 2159 or otherwise.

"No bullshit, just tell me the year. How long have I been frozen?" Tatiana demanded, her voice regaining some modicum of strength.

For a split moment, Captain Papandreou looked at Zuub, and was about to gesture to sedate Tatiana. But, he decided not to. Instead, he would give her the year as requested, and deal with the consequences later. "Very well." He simply said. "You've been frozen for over one hundred and twenty years. You're in the late 23rd Century, and the year is 2288."

He then looked at Daz. "Lieutenant, contact Ensign Haines. Tell him we're going to have a passenger and to get the shuttle ready."

Zuub started readying a sedative in the event that the Captain gave the order to use it. At this point, however, Zuub was not convinced that this was the best course of action. Captains should not be making medical decisions any more than doctors should be giving orders about when to fire phasers.

Taking his communicater out, Daz gave the order. "Lieutenant Kattean calling Shuttlecraft Cook. Ensign Haines, please prepare the ship for a passenger. There is a survivor and she has been a cryo-tube for god knows how long. We'll be in touch with you shortly. Kattean out."

"There were 11 others. Are they....?"

How could there be more? He thought to himself. Nevertheless, they hadn't detected any other lifesigns. "We've only detected this pod. No shuttles or other pods have been located as of yet. But, out shuttle overflew the wreckage of what we believe to be your ship. It is possible that they are still there."

"We never thought we'd find you. So, there is always hope." Daz added, not wanting to upset her.

Zuub looked at the Captain, Tatiana and Daz and said, "Gentlemen, that is quite enough. She requires time to adjust and she needs her strength. I would suggest that you leave all your discussion until we get back to Columbia."

"Alive or dead, if the wreckage of my ship is here, I'd like to pay her a visit. I served in combat for four years with those people, I'd like to at least retrieve their ID tags."

Papandreou listened to Tatiana's concerns. "I assure you Lieutenant, we will do what we can. But, first, we need to get you back to our Columbia." While they are simply words, the Captain did mean them. He then turned to the silent security officer. "Mister Dunross, help Doctor Zuub prepare our patient for our trip back to the shuttle."

"Captain, it is captain, right? I need to stay. At the very least, I need to see my ship one last time. There are also a few things, special things. If what you say is true, they are all that's left. Please."

Papandreou nodded. "I understand why you would request that. I could only imagine how overwhelming this situation must be for you. Of course, I would love to say yes. But, the doctor must clear you first." He raised his hand in a way only a Captain anticipating a protest could. "If she doesn't clear you, we'll make arrangements to have you return before we depart the system."

Zuub watched as all eyes fell upon her. "How well do you feel, Lieutenant? Do you think that you have enough strength to walk and find your belongings?"

"I have as much strength as it takes, but I'll need some help with the walking part" Tatiana replied with a desperate look in her eye. "I think my left arm and leg were broken in the attack."

The Captain made his way out of the pod and gestured for Daz to join him. "Daz," He said. "I'm sure you understand that we can't possibly transport our new passenger and have time to survey the wreckage of that ship for parts."

"I understand, Captain, but couldn't we stay behind to salvage what we can from the ship?" the Chief requested, with engineers; Ensigns; Krell and Capshaw, standing right behind him.

"I think you're reading my mind." Nick said, somewhat lightheartedly. "I'm going to have Haines, the Doctor, and Lieutenant Karatova head back for Columbia, and give them orders to come back with a cargo shuttle." He then looked the man squarely in the eyes. "The rest of us, your engineers, Lieutenant Dunross, and myself will stay behind to help salvage anything we can."

"Couldn't we call for the shuttle? I don't know about you, but if I woke up 120 years too late, I'd at least like to pick up a few familiar things before I left" Ian said.

Papandreou overheard the security officer's remarks. "I understand completely, but there are a number of factors in play." He turned to face him. "First, I have a responsibility to ensure the health and safety of this team. We have no idea what sort of after effects can hit Lieutenant Karatova, and if Doctor Zuub clears her, she can stay. If not, she can return when she is cleared." He paused for a moment and continued. "Second, we've only got one pilot that can get through all of that interference, and that pilot, Ensign Haines, is already with us. So, I don't see any other options." Nick knew that it could make him sound cold, but he was the Captain. He had to make the best decisions, not the popular decisions. But, he always considered alternatives. "Do you have an alternative suggestion, Mr. Dunross?"

"No sir" the security officer replied, adding "But she was the security officer on that ship. Chances are, we will need her access and some kind of retina or voice print to access logs and disengage any security protocols still operating."

Zuub said, "She is not cleared. Did you not hear that she has a broken arm and leg? While I can mend them right now, it is not safe for her to have excessive use of them for a couple of days. She will risk re-injury and I will not have that on my watch."

"I won't lay in bed for a week. Hold me up or give me a crutch if you are worried, but I've had enough of laying down to last at least a few lifetimes" Tatiana replied.

Zuub started to scan Tatiana's arm and leg and then started the process of mending the bones.

"I'm quite at home with computers, Captain, and as for retina or voice prints, we could always transmit them from the Columbia." Daz added to the conversation.

The Captain listened to his officers' input, and arrived at what he felt would be a compromise. "Alright, since it's highly unlikely that ship will have anything operating, I don't think we'll need any voice or retina prints, but we can get those from Columbia, as Daz stated." He then looked at Karatova. "The Doctor says that she can mend you for now, I'll allow you one hour. But then you and the doctor bug out and head back to our Columbia." He then looked at the rest of the team. "The rest of us will stay behind to see what we can salvage, and we will return on a cargo shuttle. Understood?"

"Thank you" Tatiana replied as she leaned back against the cushion in the pod while the doctor continued her work.


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