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On the Columbia

Posted on Wed Dec 10th, 2014 @ 8:56pm by Commander Nicholas Papandreou Ph.D & Chief Petty Officer Julia Wagner & Lieutenant Commander Christian Barns & Lieutenant V'Las Tevik & Lieutenant JG Tivri Ben Hassrath & Lieutenant JG James Kiltran & Ensign Jerik

Mission: Mira Novum Orbis
Location: USS Columbia-Main Bridge
Timeline: Present


Lieutenant Commander Barns took the center chair and he knew that he needed to get the science department working on what happened and what was going on there. Christian turned to LT Tevik and said, "V'Las, you said that you felt something earlier? Can you locate it?

Her head still throbbed from the blow but she managed to ignore the pain and continue after the away team departed. She had taken a moment to dust off and straighten her uniform and fix her hair however. V’Las didn’t quite understand what the acting Captain meant by his words but she turned toward him and nodded an assent anyway.

“Yes sir, I have Ensign Sanders looking at the prototype transporter, he has a suspicion that the buildup of tachyons with differing magnitudes may have caused the problem. Right now I am scanning the main deflector for damage. When my assessment is complete I will send the data to Engineering.”

He then opened the comm channel and said, "Engineering, what is your status?"

Ensign Jerik here, Commander, The impulse engines are fine, so you have full maneuverability there and shields are fine with phasers, but the warp drive and the photons are down. The sensors aren't at full capacity, which do you prefer to be repaired first?

Commander Barns thought for a minute and repiled, "Warp engines and then sensors, first please, Ensign."

Ensign Jerik said, "Aye, Commander."

He then opened the comm channels and said, "Chief Wagner, please report to the bridge."

Julia Wagner was working in her deck 2 office. As the Captain's yeoman, there was always something that needed to be done. She put the large PADD down, and reached for several smaller ones that needed to be signed. Usually, that duty would fall to the Captain, but Commander Barns would be responsible for it in his absence. She put her longer than shoulder length auburn hair back in a ponytail and made her way to the bridge.

"CPO Wagner, reporting as ordered, sir."

Christian turned and asked, "Chief, can you man any bridge stations at all?"

"Yes, sir." She immediately replied. "I've been certified on communications, mission ops, and damage control."

Christian smiled and said, "Good to know, Chief, please monitor the damage report from engineering and let me know what when engines are operational."

Julia tugged on her enlisted jumpsuit, straightening out a wrinkle. "Will do, sir." She said pleasantly, moving towards the station. Wagner input her access code and activated the console. Quietly, she monitored Engineering's progress. As soon as she knew something, she'd inform the Commander.

Christian turned to his station and said, "Lieutenant Kiltran, please monitor ship movements."

LTJG Kiltran said, "Aye, Commander."

-1 Hour Later-

Commander Barns turned toward Lieutenant Tevik and asked, "How are you coming along, Lieutenant?"

“Are you there?” A voice whispered in her mind and V’las looked to her left then to her right but no one was close enough to have spoken to her. She shook her head and ignored it then leaned forward to look into the sensor viewer. “Oh God, where am I!?” It continued in a much more alarmed tone. Mentally she answered it. “I am V’Las Tevik, I am a Vulcan,” she repeated silently to herself. “You are calm, fear is the mind killer. The destroyer of logic.” She intoned. “You do not hear voices, you are focus and serenity.” She exhaled a cleansing breath then continued what she had been doing then she heard the Commander. Without turning to face him she responded,

“My analysis of the Main Deflector is nearly complete. Plasma is leaking into the workspaces. It will be extremely hazardous to make repairs in there.” Without expression she leaned back then turned to face him.

“I believe this is a repair priority Captain. The more plasma that leaks into the adjoining systems, the more likely a plasma fire will occur.” She hadn’t added that whomever is sent to repair the leak was likely to suffer severe plasma burns and could possibly perish. It was likely that this would be apparent when investigated by Engineering.

Christian turned to Chief Wagner and said, "Chief, let Ensign Jerik the main deflector dish is now the main priorty. Lieutenant Tevik please monitor his progress.

"Understood, sir." Wagner said to the acting captain. She input a few controls and attempted to send the message to Main Engineering. However, it failed. "That's odd." She said somewhat aloud. "Excuse me, Lieutenant?" She said to the communications officer. "My console is unable to reach Ensign Jerik in Engineering. Can you inform him that the main deflector dish is to be his primary repair priority?”

Tivri turned slightly to show she had heard the commander. " At once commader." She said before turning back to her station.

Christian got worried about the main deflector dish and hoped the Ensign Jerik could repair it without a problem.

While the comm unit in her console was out, she could still monitor the progress being made by engineering. The console indicated that the repairs have begun. Chief Wagner knew that Commander Barns would want to be informed. “Sir, Enign Jerik has begun his repairs on the deflector.”

Christian turned to the Chief and said, "Thank you, Chief."

Wagner nodded in the direction of the acting Captain respectfully. She wished that she could give him an estimate, but Ensign Jerik’s work was overly cautious. Not that this was a bad thing. In fact, it was reassuring to know that he was working carefully.

Another hour had passed, and the Ensign’s work was almost complete. At least, according to her console. However, she was interrupted by the sound of an incoming message.

" Commander we have the shuttle craft Cook hailing us." Came the andorian from the commincations station.

Julia was relieved to hear that it was the Captain, transmitting from the shuttle. Hopefully, it would be good news.

“Shuttlecraft Cook to Columbia...” Captain Papandreou’s voice said through the interference. “We've located the escape pod and have landed an L-Class planet. We are about to investigate it. Our sensors must be at reduced capacity because we weren't expecting to find a planetary system here. I’m transmitting our sensor telemetry to you now. Maybe V’Las and Lieutenant Foxwood can study the data further. What’s your status, Columbia?”

Christian leaned towards the comm panel and said, "Captain, Commander Barns here. The main deflector dish is down and we are repairing engines and weapons. We will look over the data and analyze it further. How is everyone there, sir?

Damn. Papandreou thought to himself. He knew that things were bad on Columbia, but didn't know that it would be that bad. He gestured for Daz to come forward and listen to the report. "We're alright. We had a bumpy approach due to weather, but we survived." Nick looked at Daz and noticed he had a question. "Commander, I'm going to turn it over to Lieutenant Kattean. I think he has a question or two."

Christian said, "What's your question, Lieutenant?"

"I know all about the engines, but I was interested in the main deflector, Commander Barns. I didn't have much of a chance to look it over with the Science department hovering over it." Daz Admitted, then finally asked. "Could you tell me what parts need replacing? Of course, should I find something similar on the derelict, I just might be able to make it work."

Christian went over to the damage control panel and repiled, "Well Lieutenant, we need a new plasma invertor and impulse and warp manifold along with a phase induser to repair the Columbia, acording to the these readings we are at 70% efficiency for impulse power and shields are at a whopping 45%.

The conversation between Columbia and the shuttle had ended, and they were back to waiting. But, with the kind of morning that it's been, a new challenge presented itself. "Commander!" Chief Wagner exclaimed. Knowing the urgency of the situation, she ignored protocol. "I've lost contact with Ensign Jerik, and the temperatures near the main deflector are rising. We may have a plasma fire on our hands at any moment."

Commander Barns turned his chair and said, "Chief, kill the power to the main deflector dish and get down to main engineering and see what is going on!" He went over the intercom "Medical crews to main engineering!"

Wagner tried to carry out the order from her console, but it was no use. The console was not communicating with the deflector systems. “Aye...I’m trying, sir!” She said, starting to get flustered. She turned around and went to the unoccupied Engineering station. Again, it was no use. “Lieutenant...” She said in the direction of V’Las. “Do you have access to the deflector systems from your console?”

There hadn’t been time for an explanation nor a debate that she concluded would happen. V’Las knew that a plasma fire was immanent and the safety systems, even the back-ups were offline. With the amount of activity that was going on, no one had seen her leave the bridge...

The doors opened and V’Las was immediately assaulted by hot gasses and the caustic scent of the coupler casings that were beginning to oxidize. She coughed then brazenly stepped forward into the port engineering space inside the main deflector. Was she being logical? She wasn’t completely sure but she knew that the circuits that could cut off the plasma flow to the deflector dish were burned out and the valves would need to be closed manually and, judging by the rising temperatures around her, it would have to be soon.

“Ensign Jerik!?” She called out as loud as she could but doing so nearly made her double over in pain. Her lungs felt like they were being pricked by thousands of tiny needles. She must have inhaled too much of the fumes she knew. Shielding her eyes with her right forearm she stepped further into the bay.

Lights flashed red and and the emergency alarms were sounding. Gushes of heated gas flushed out of the venting ports all around her. She coughed uncontrollably into the crook of her arm and saw a hazy outline of someone just a few meters ahead.

“Am I dying?!” The voice inside her head called out. “No..I can’t die...not now...not ever!” It continued in a furious tone. V’Las hobbled forward toward the plasma control console but her knees wanted to deposit her upon the floor. Her lungs filled up with the heated gases but somehow she continued to move as if her body had a will of it’s own.


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