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Getting to know you better.

Posted on Fri Dec 5th, 2014 @ 9:19am by Lieutenant JG Tivri Ben Hassrath & Lieutenant Zuub

Mission: Mira Novum Orbis
Location: Tivri quaters
Timeline: 22:00 after Andorian Meet and Greet

Sitting crosslegged on her bed, the ships communications officer was furiously typing on her computer. She was rather liking this new ship and the new crew she was working with. The ship felt as advanced as it should and the crew was rather friendly. Especially the doctor given how most Andorians would react to her genetic tampering.

Having changed out of her uniform into a black shirt to sleep in she was finishing off her reports that she still had to finish off. Starfleet loved it: paperwork.

Her antenna picked up as the sound of the door alarm made her look up. "It's open." She called out cheerily as she looked up from her computer.

At the door, was Zuub. Her antennae were twittering with anticipation. She tried to settle them but it would not happen. She walked in and looked at Tivri and asked in soft, wispy voice, "Are you busy? Am I disturbing you?"

" Just finishing off some paperwork. You know what the fleet is like with it paperwork." Tivri replied a smile forming on her face.

Zuub walked closer to Tivri and answered simply, "Oh, I do. I will have no end of it as the Chief. But one has to make time for one's personal needs," she explained with a hint of something more.

" I know if you don't have any free time you'll go crazy." Tivri replied putting her computer down she stepped off the bed to stand in front of Zuub. Tivri noticed despite her best efforts Zuub eyes had drifted to one of her pictures on her shelf. She guessed it was the picture of her in a dark blue bikini that was drawing the older Andorian's attention. " I take it you like what you see?"

"Indeed." Zuub's antennae leaned in further as she moved near Tivri. Zuub's antennae started to vibrate from side to side, showing excitement. "Tell me about that picture."

"This." Replied Tivri as she picked up said picture. "It was around three years ago in my second year at the academy. Me and a few friends went free diving off the coast of Greece. You have any odd hobbies Zuub? "

"Odd?" Zuub asked interested. "What do you believe is odd, Tivri?" Zuub's eyes strayed back to the picture.

Tivri paused for a second as she considered her reply. Her definition of odd was probably very far ahead of what others considered odd. " Well most Andorians find the fact I enjoy swimming extremely odd. Guess many can't shake the fact most water on their home is frozen.

Zuub's antennae twittered in a confused fashion. "Given that, I do not know what you believe is odd."

"Most Andorians I've meet seem to think swimming is rather odd. Maybe it just the Andorians I've been meeting." Tivri replied hoping to change the subject.

"Perhaps the others did not find you as interesting as I do."

There was a pause between the to Andorian women as the both looked at the picture. It was Tivri who finally broke the silence. " Zuub are you sure you want to be with me? People who get close to me have a habit of getting very badly hurt. " The short coms officers voice was low and the concern in her voice was unmistakable.

"I usually have to make this disclaimer and reminder to non-Andorians but since you have had a rather unusual history, I will remind you now. I am not bonded. I have not hit second puberty with a lifemate. I do not know whether you are or not. However, I make no commitments in the traditional human manner. That being said, I do find you interesting and as long as I do, I shall enjoy your company."

Tivri gave her companion a warm smile in reply before replying. " Well I don't know why you find me interesting. We've only met a few days ago but I'd be lying if I didn't say I was interested in you. If you're happy with being my girlfriend I'd be happy to be yours."

"Girlfriend?" Zuub asked, her antennae twittering even faster now. "I remember Jarrold Scott and his, how do the humans call it? Love interest? He and the counselor from Zealous, Melissa Richards were not quite that. Love and dating is an interesting concept that humans have. Of course, our biology really does not allow for that. We're still biologically driven and we have certain needs. I am willing to play with you, Tivri. If biology demands more, then hopefully we would find our husbands quickly. However, I cannot promise that I would not play with others or other things. Biology is what it is. I again, only explain this because you were raised rather unconventionally."

" Ah." Came Tivri reply feeling rather embarrassed with herself. "Well if you are just looking to fulfill biological urges I'd be willing to allow you to play with me. " Tivri replied with a grin forming on her face.

Zuub gave no verbal answer but her antennae twittered excitedly as she moved closer to Tivri. Her antennae started leaning in to reach for Tivri's. Tivri could practically feel the body heat rising from Zuub as she reached for Tivri.

Tivri could feel her antennae moving and her body temperature rising. Her mind was racing slightly at how quickly this was all going. " You're rather overdressed for this aren't you." She said playfully looking at Zuub who was still wearing her duty uniform.

"Do you think?" Zuub teased. "I cannot say that you are appropriately attired, either." Rather than taking her own clothes off, she started to tug at Tivri's.

Tivri let out a playful laugh as Zuub tugged at her shirt causing one of the buttons to pop of which revealed a decent amount of her cleavage. " Are you that desperate to see me naked doctor?" She replied playfully.

"I do believe that you were the one that said that I was overdressed. No? I intend to enjoy every second of you. In fact, depending on how well you play, I may have to be rather tired for my shift tomorrow. Think you can handle that, Tivri?"

" Well then. Shall we play doctor? " Tivri replied as with one swift move of her nimble fingers dropped her shirt to the floor. A very cheeky grin was on the smaller Andorians face.

"Absolutely!" Zuub replied enthusiastically. "Now, my dear patient, I think I will have to conduct a very thorough exam. Where again, did you say that my attention was required?"

"Oh all over doctor. I think I'll need a complete examination." Tivri replied her voice staying at the same playful manner.

"In that case, I think we should start at your head and move down towards your toes." Zuub's antennae reached for Tivri's and entwined themselves with hers as Zuub's hands started caressing Tivri's face and neck.

Tivri hands had began to move along Zuubs body as both of them had began to move back towards the bed. " Your the doctor she replied as they both fell back onto it. Tivri smiled as she looked into Zuubs yellow eyes. This was going to be fun.


Several hours later long into the morning Tivri had a smile on her face as she pulled her shirt back over her head. " Well Zuub we will have to do this again sometime."

"Indeed. I enjoy a good patient. Perhaps I will be back tomorrow."

"Do you do room appointments to all your patients or just the ones who will play nurses with you?" Tivri replied with a laugh as she turned to look at Zuub who was still dressing herself.

"I do what is necessary but make special arrangements for things that interest me. I fear that I may suffer a lack of sleep, as I did in the academy. I do hope that the Captain is not bothered.

" Well I won't tell if you don't." Tivri said with a slight wink as she picked up her crystal necklace.

Zuub attempted a smile but found the muscles in her face lacking the muscle to do so. "Good to know that you're not a gossip. It is not myself that has the issues but those around us. The pink skins do not understand."

"They're not all like it, but it is rather odd they've become so prudish. If the stories you hear from the original five-year Enterprise mission are true, they've become very hostile to their sexuality. Maybe it was the uniforms back then." Tivri replied as she finished putting her necklace around her neck. " Do you want a drink before you go?"

"How could I refuse such hospitality? Though, were I to do that, you might not be so well dressed again."

"Well I can give you one to go if that would be easier. " Tivri replied taking a small blue bottle from her fridge.

"I think I can accept the risk," Zuub replied, her antennae leaning in anxiously as she seated herself as close as possible to Tivri.

Tivri grinned as she opened the bottle and poured two glasses. Her own antenna leaned in close to those of her companion as she handed her the drink of Andorian ale. "Here's to you Zuub."

Zuub lifted her glass, her antennae leaning toward touching Tivri's again. "And to you, Tivri." She took a swallow of the ale. "Not bad. Who's plantation does it come from?"

" Um Lor'Tan." Tivri replied glancing at the bottle just to check. Alcohol wasn't one of her strong points.

"A neutral ale," Zuub said considering. "At least not from a rival clan." Her antennae made the equivalent of a human shrug. "They just don't put the requisite care into it. One day, you shall have to have some from my family's farms."

" I'll certainly enjoy it. " Tivri replied giving Zuub a smile. Even if she didn't know that much about Andorian culture she did now the clans didn't like each other one bit.

Zuub quickly finished her ale. "Well, until then, Tivri, I really must go. If I do not now, I will never get back to my research on the Curse." She started to take a reluctant step towards the door.

"Zuub," Tivri blurted out without thinking. After the other Andorian turned she gave an embarrassed smile as her mind got back on track. " I don't know much about Andorian biology, but if you need any help I'd be willing to help."

Zuub turned around and her antennae twittered excitedly. "I may want some DNA samples. After all, you, Tivri, are quite unique."

" Do you want them now or should I come to the sickbay tomorrow?" Tivri replied.

"Tomorrow will do. If you come now, you would prove to be a welcome distraction but it would not help my research." Her antennae wilted a bit.

" Tomorrow it is then. I'll come as soon as I can. " Tivri replied giving Zuub a small but warming smile.

Zuub left Tivri's chambers with an extra spring to her step.


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