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Lieutenant Commander Christian Barns

Name Christian Mark Barns

Position First Officer

Second Position Chief Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 210
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A tall slender man


Spouse Sarah
Children Victoria
Father Carl
Mother Melanie
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview An officer wanted to do well in Starfleet and make a name for himself. He is a hard worker and capable of anything once he puts his mind to it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Knowledgeable, likable, easy going and fun, patient, loyal
Weakness: Temper Problem, confrontational more then usual, some xenophobia
Ambitions A good family and career
Hobbies & Interests History, Family, Friends, and Weapons

Personal History Christian was born in Philadelphia, PA. He was the oldest of two. His brother Nicholas was born two years later. The family moved around a lot and when he was they ended up in Indiana. His father was in the US Army and after 20 years retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. Christian jointed the US Navy at 18 years old. He did five years and after that he got out and had a family. He married his high school sweetheart Sarah and they had a child and named her Victoria. While in the Navy Christian became very familiar with weapons and security. He was a guard and since he was deployed several he missed his family. He heard about Starfleet and if he wanted the risk he could take his family, which he did. At age 25 he applied to Starfleet on Earth.

Service Record:
Christian was accepted in the academy at an older age. His first year was harder because his classmates were 18 or 19 years old. He knew that he could do it so he tried harder. He knew that he had an edge since he had previous weapons experience as an enlisted man in the US Navy, but still he had to work hard. His first weapons training with a phaser he did exceptionally well. He scored a perfect score. His instructor made a note of that. He continued his first year working on his ability on hand held weapons. His second year his instructors had him test on the phaser rifle and he did well there too. Also he sent a great many hours in the gym training on the hand held weapons in the Starfleet arsenal. He really struggled with hand to hand combat and he knew that it would be an issue with him. The third year they put him in the simulator for an Excelsior class tactical officer against a Klingon D-7 He did fairly well. He can get phasers fired from almost any angle. He was certified on Miranda, Excelsior, Constellation and Constitution Classes. He fourth year he combined all of his skills he was in simulations from preventing an invasion of the ship to ship to ship combat. He did very well. He graduated third in his class. He was given a Commission of Ensign. He had his choice of assignments.

He was assigned to embassy guard on Earth. He was in charge of admittance into a secure facility. He excelled there. While there he met a Vulcan named Imiv and learned some klingon techniques for hand to hand combat. He was then sent to the Miranda Class USS Firebrand and was made the night tactical officer. Once the ship was in combat he was able to get the opposing ships to leave without having to fire more then three shots. Christian became arrogant and over confidant. The CO had to bring him down a peg. He told him there would be a time that his arrogance would get the better of him. He was then transferred to the Constellation Class USS Washington. He was made the Assistant Chief Tactical Officer. The ship ran into a skirmish and Christian overestimated his ability and missed the chance to disable the enemy ship and the Washington was almost destroyed. He got counseling for that and a bad review from the CO. The CO admitted that he was good, so he was transferred to the Excelsior Class USS Gladstone. Another skirmish the Chief Security/Tactical Officer was killed and the CO ordered a retreat. Before the ship was destroyed a boarding party came on the ship and took the CO hostage. They were able to evade Christian on almost every turn. They got to main engineering and took the Chief Engineering Officer hostage. Christian was able to get invaders to take him instead. He told them that he was the tactical officer and he had secrets that they would want. They had him for over 3 months and they tortured him and beat him within inches of his life several times. After the three months Starfleet managed to rescue him and he was able to see his wife and kids. Christian never broke, but was close. Starfleet command had to make sure so they debrief him several times and also made sure that he was not brain washed. After 2 months of debriefs he was released and fit for duty. After the experience he was humbled and his arrogance was reduced and was no longer over confidant. He was sent in a simulator for a good three weeks to review all security protocols. He was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and accepted an assignment on the Akura Class USS Regent as the Chief Tactical Officer and then transferred to the USS Ardeshir with the rank of Lieutenant.
Service Record Secure Facility Earth-Ensign
Miranda Class-USS Firebrand-Ensign
Constellation Class-USS Washington-Ensign
Excelsior Class-USS Gladstone-Ensign
Akura Class-USS Regent-Lieutenant Junior Grade
Constitution Class-USS Ardeshir-Lieutenant