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Lieutenant Zuub

Name Zuub

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andoran
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5
Weight 170
Hair Color Yellow
Eye Color White


Spouse None
Children None
Father Pung
Mother Geh
Brother(s) Teed, male (1st litter, 10 months older
than Zuub); Thaam, male (1st litter);
Zuukh, male (1st litter); Theeng, male
(1st litter); Zhaam, male (1st litter); Teeghar, male (2nd litter)
Sister(s) Liph, female (1st litter); Khoozh, female (1st litter); Phaam, female (1st litter); Toot, female (2nd litter); Khag, female (2nd litter); Eeb, female (2nd
litter); Teegh, female (2nd litter); Pramhar, female (2nd litter);
Ashklar, female (2nd litter);

Personality & Traits

Personal History Zuub was born to what was a typical Andorian family. She was in the
second and what was to be the final litter of children, with all her
siblings as listed above. Unfortunately, after her litter, Geh became
sterile from a rare Andorian disease called Hlasha’s Curse. Of course,
typical to all Andorians, her parents did not know of her sex until
her first puberty at 13 standard years old and gave her a gender
non-specific name. During this time, living in the capital, she became
fascinated with the outsiders that occasionally came to discuss the
universe. At the same time, she had a burning desire to cure her
mother, as the shame of having the Curse was costing her clan the
ability to keep their lands safe. Any casualties for her clan’s side
could possibly spell the end of her clan’s line.

So, after a day filled with frivolity, Zuub decided to go to the
government house to learn the most recent news.
Pink skins were there, which was unusual. Her memory said that these people were
humans. For some reason they seemed to have superior medical
knowledge, or at least she surmised as much due to the discussions
taking place. At that moment, she decided she would have to go to
their Academy to learn all that she could about the Curse to cure her

After what was a heated discussion with her parents, they agreed to
allow her to go to Starfleet Academy. There, she was an adequate
student. However, due to all the new sensations, people and races,
Zuub found herself getting very distracted. She even obtained a
reputation on campus as being sexually loose. Of course, few people
understood that for an Andorian neuter (being between first and second
stage puberty) that sexual exploration/play with anyone or anything
that struck an Andorian’s fancy was normal. When she was not
distracted, Zuub was a tireless worker and spent extra hours
attempting to research a cure, which she has not found yet. Despite
her adequate academic record, Zuub started seeking a position on a
starship. Her theory was that by some exploration that she might run
into a new culture or species that would have the answer to her
problem. She was a bit shocked, yet very pleased that the Zealous
accepted her application and she immediately accepted her
commission there.

Zuub has had mixed reactions on Zealous. Apparently this starship was
nothing like the Academy. All the beings on Zealous seem a lot more
serious and so far unwilling to have any fun with her, which is
disappointing to Zuub since there are so many interesting creatures
and objects on Zealous. Upon getting to Zealous, she took an interest
in Jarrold Scott. She did not understand why he did not return the
interest until she went to Counselor Melissa Richards, who it turned
out was the object of his affections.

Zuub started seeing Counselor Richards to try and understand the
reactions of the crew and get more acclimated to Zealous. However, the
relationship developed from client-patient to a genuine
friendship. Zuub has counseled Richards almost as much as Richards has
counseled Zuub. Despite the fact they have little in common, their need
to understand relationships became a binding force for both of
them. As such, Zuub has stepped out of the way of the relationship
between Scott and Richards and encouraged such. She also has
become quite protective of Richards and currently protects her from
Jake Sjet who injured her in the past.

While Zuub has been protecting Richards from Sjet, she also took
a fancy to his exoticness, wishing to experience it more personally.
Unfortuantely for Zuub, she was yet again turned down and Sjet has
expressed his interest in another, which Zuub currently assumed was
Richards, not Ti'ana.

Zuub finds Ti'ana fascinating but a little stuck on the concept of
love. But then again, she finds that is the case for many of the Pink

Also confusing to Zuub is her double promotion from Ensign to
Lieutenant. She did not recall doing anything medically
worthwhile. She did save Jarrold's life after the use of a Star
Crystal but she did not know if anyone knew that. On top of that, she
was made the Assistant Chief Medical Officer.

Unfortunately, for Zuub, when the Zealous Captain was attacked by a
malevolent entity, Zuub had to make a choice between the Captain's
life and Jarrold Scott's secret of having telepathy. She chose the
Captain's life, which annoyed Scott. Zuub feels badly about the breach
of this secret but before she could discuss it with Richards, she left
the Zealous. Therefore, Zuub, knowing that she was the odd ball of the
crew, knowing her opportunities for advancement were limited, and not
feeling well integrated on Zealous, applied for a Chief Medical
Officer position on Columbus. Upon acceptance, she transferred to
Columbus as its new Chief Medical Officer

Andorian abilities: (Due to the fact that there are numerous
conflicting reports in canon on Andorians, I had to pick and choose
what I preferred. Mind you, I do not consider ENT canon. Therefore, in
my world, Andorians have the following abilities and characteristics.)
Despite the fact that Zuub may look slender and/or fragile, she can
easily lift twice her weight. Similar to any Andorian, she has her
antennae which allow her greater hearing to have greater sensitivity
than her humanoid ears would allow her. The antennae also permit her
to have long distance heat-sensing abilities, detect the following:
electrical fields, changes in air density, temperature, adrenaline or
teptaline, and permit her to have empathic and minor telepathic
abilities. Whenever she does bond, the telepathic abilities with her
spouse will be complete.

Medical Background: Perfect health.

Allergies: None.

Drug Interactions: No known bad drug interactions
Service Record 2286-2888: USS Zealous, Ensign-Lieutenant, Medical Officer
2288: USS Columbia, Lieutenant, Chief Medical Officer