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Lieutenant V'Las Tevik

Name V'Las Tevik

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 57

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 115
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description V’las is of average height but of Slight of build for a Vulcan. Lithe and quick with long, black hair, dark eyes and copperish skin. While on duty, she puts her hair up tightly, when in her quarters she allows it to flow freely but sometimes sets it back if moving about the ship. She is almost always in uniform but has a standard exercise outfit she wears and usually sleeps in satiny pajamas.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Ayhan Tevik (Deceased)
Mother T'Gai Tevik (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview V’Las is outwardly, a Vulcan. She shows little to no emotion even under stress, does not lie, rarely exaggerates and has difficulty understanding humor. She is logical by nature possessing a keen intellect that allows her to adapt and learn quickly to new situations. In conversation she is straightforward to the point of bluntness. Rather attractive by human standards, she has on occasion been asked to use her feminine beauty to achieve goals but only has done so under orders, not as a matter of habit or course. Her major disciplines are Planetary sciences, Quantum Mechanics and Computers with minor disciplines in Astrophysics, Plasma Physics and Xenobiology. For her knowledge is its own reward and if faced with a scientific puzzle or mystery will attack it with fervor.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

+Unbidden by emotions
+Vulcan heartiness
+Vulcan Psychic Abilities (Mind Melds etc)
+Physically Attractive
+Fast Learner


-No Sense of Humor
-Can be Obsessive
-Disdains Violence
-Lonely, has no family
-Painfully Blunt
-Prejudice: Romulans
Ambitions V’Las first and foremost goal is the pursuit of knowledge. Learning and improving herself constantly. She is well aware that if she performs her duty well and excels as a Starfleet Officer, more doors and avenues will open up for her. Opportunities to be granted access to knowledge only known to very few.
Hobbies & Interests V’Las does not spend time in leisurely pursuits, though she is an excellent drawer. Many of her personal notes have depictions drawn by her own hand. She loves and appreciates symbols and archeological finds.

Personal History V’las was born to Ayhan and T’Gai, two Vulcan surveyors who had spent most of their adult lives on starships surveying various planets. Ayhan, her father was a renown Geologist with some aptitudes in Chemistry and Computers. T’Gai, her mother held high honors in Botany, Biology and Meteorology. Followers of the philosophies of Surak, The Vulcan Science Authority were more than willing to send them far from Vulcan, deep into uncharted space. V’las was born in 2231 aboard the Exploration Vessel Metana during the tail end of Ayhan and T’Gai’s 3 year survey mission to the Una Dol System. Her parents enjoyed their work, going from planet to planet and ship to ship studying the various planets and lifeforms that existed on distant stars that had been otherwise unexplored. They had hoped that the Pon’farr would not have resulted in a child as their work was very important to them but it had and so they decided to take V’las with them and conduct her early learning themselves.

As the years passed and her learning progressed to their pleasant surprise they quickly discovered that V’las possessed a keen, intelligent mind. With that also a unique curiosity that had gotten her into trouble more than a few times and at such a young age. She was eager to learn and to discover knowledge she did not yet have. Just after she turned 9 however an incident occurred. She had wandered away and due to calacite deposits in the rocks on an ‘L’ class planet, she was left for 7 days to survive on her own until she was eventually found. Concerned that her presence would undermine their work her parents sent her back to Vulcan to be taught by the Vulcan Master’s there though V’las did not wish to go.

Though V’Las was unhappy, her tutors remarked at her aptitudes in Computers, Exobiology, Quantum Mechanics and Physics and she also possessed abilities in other disciplines as well. Learning for her came easy but she lacked the ambition of some of her classmates which always seemed to stay ahead of her. To V’las, knowledge was the greatest reward a person could have. Something that defined success, not what standing she held in her class. A notion that some of her tutors liked about her.

Time moved slowly for V’las though and she had very few friends. Although by most standards she was considered attractive, her thirst for logic and knowledge upset the few betrothal prospects that she had. When she was old enough to apply to the Vulcan Science Academy she was denied due to her general unremarkable standings among her peers even though many of her Masters felt she was far beyond them in knowledge and intelligence. On occasion she accompanied her parents on their missions though her contributions were moderate and her parents began to become concerned that she might not find a discipline where she would prosper. They taught her more of the philosophies of Surak but it was clear she was still uncertain of what she truly wanted to do with her life.

In 2254 news of Spock’s successes in Starfleet became well known and as more and more Vulcans began to join Starfleet they felt that perhaps V’las would prosper there as well. Finally, after 6 years of insisting, her parents talked her into joining Starfleet in hopes that she would find her niche in life.

V’las officially joined Starfleet in 2261 as a Cadet with honors due to her extensive research in Exobiology and Quantum Mechanics. She graduated 4 years later but stayed on to teach classes at the academy and to conduct scientific research. V’las had access to a host of laboratories, computers and knowledge and she had assisted in the development for the new sensor system that was installed into the newer starships including the Enterprise. V’Las remained at Starfleet until she felt first hand experience would aid her in her studies. For that she’d need to follow in her parents footsteps out there in the unknown that is space and for a short time she was a Science Officer aboard the USS Tanaka, an Antares Type starship. There she conducted long range surveys in order to improve on her sensor design but after a few short months she returned to Starfleet Academy to complete her research and resume teaching her classes.

In 2268, her parents were invited to join an all Vulcan crew as observers aboard the USS Intrepid to conduct research in the Gamma 7A System but the ship was destroyed by a massive, single-celled organism. This event prompted V’Las to take a leave of absence from Starfleet to return to Vulcan to research the Kolinahr discipline until she underwent the ritual two years later and purged her mind of all emotion. In 2272 she returned to earth and to Starfleet and to the Academy but was invited to join a survey team aboard the USS Brandes, a newer Olympic Class starship enroute to the Archanis system to assess it due to the Klingon’s occupation. For 6 years she remained as a Science Officer upon the Brandes where she continued her research and conducted herself with distinction.

In 2278, V’Las was asked to return to earth where she was given the data and telemetry that was transmitted by the USS Bozeman that had been reported missing near the Typhon Expanse. She did not discover anything conclusive and she stayed on at Starfleet headquarters to conduct her ongoing research and to assist in the outfitting of her newest sensor array into the newest ships.

In 2284, V’Las was invited to join a panel of doctors, scientists and top Starfleet brass to evaluate the Genesis Project. She had a dissenting vote due to the conflicting data she discovered but was out-voted and the project was approved by Starfleet.

In 2286, V’Las became the Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Berlin until 2288 where the ship became involved in a skirmish with an unknown ship that nearly destroyed it. The Berlin hobbled back to spacedock where it underwent massive repairs and it’s crew was reassigned.
Service Record -2261 Joined Starfleet Academy w/honors for prior education and research.

-2265 Graduated Starfleet Academy with Distinctions in; Planetary Sciences and Quantum Mechanics. Retained as a teacher.

-2268 Leave of Absence following the death of her parents, location, Vulcan

-2272 Returned to Starfleet, Science Officer aboard USS Brandes

-2278 Starfleet HQ, Science Division

-2286 Chief Science Officer aboard USS Berlin

-2288 Up for reassignment