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Lieutenant Daz Kattean

Name Daz Renkor Kattean

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Tarellian
Age 97

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 178
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description He is considered handsome by most, average build, but is quite lean. His strength comes from years of putting his back into working solar sail ships. His hair is swept back in a ponytail, his eyes are an attractive sky blue and when not in uniform, he dresses in a light, loose fitting tunic, like a Tarellian.


Spouse None
Children None! Daz hasn't felt the urge to settle down yet.
Father Strem Kattean - diseased
Mother Ethrilum Kattean - diseased
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Persifone Kattean is Daz's big sister, who also joined Starfleet. Daz keeps close ties with her, at least as much as he can, being in different ships.
Other Family Various Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, etc. Likely died from biological warfare.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Daz is young, strong and fears very little, except when it comes to the welfare of his ship. He will do almost anything to keep his ship working at optimum efficiency and he is good at it. The Tarellian has spent decades of his life studying Starfleet ships at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on Mars. Once he knows a ship, he knows every inch of it.
Strengths & Weaknesses Sometimes Daz becomes too attached to a ship and all its working parts. It becomes an obsession with him. Its both his strength and his weakness, especially when he works his engineering crew too hard. Daz seems to bond with the ship and this can be of great benefit with repairs. He seems to always know what to do. However, he also feels the ills of the ship.
Ambitions His ambitions are simple. Daz always wants to be on the cutting edge of Starfleet technology. Its the reason he asked for a transfer from the USS Excalibur to the USS Columbia. Although it was very hard for him to leave his old ship, since he felt a bond to it.
Hobbies & Interests Daz enjoys playing holographic games as well as creating a few himself. One interesting pastime he learned while at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on Mars, was the game of baseball. Daz enjoys playing actual games of baseball or at the very least, a holographic version.

Personal History Daz is a Tarellian (close to a human, with a few telpathic abilities thrown in) and he and his sister were among the very few who had survived a deadly biological weapon created during a war between factions of their people on the planet Tarella. Fortunately, he and his sister Persifone were off-world when this happened. It was Starfleet that offered them shelter when there was no world safe to go home to and most worlds were afraid to take them in, so in gratitude they joined Starfleet. The siblings soon separated, each following their own paths in Starfleet careers.

After spending three decades studying engineering at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on Mars, Daz was accepted as a junior grade ensign aboard the Constitution-Class, USS Excalibur. Quickly rising in rank to Lieutenant, Daz needed to find a new challenge and applied for Chief Engineer on the Excelsior-Class USS Columbia and was accepted. Though happy he made it, he still misses his first ship.
Service Record 2251 - 2281 research at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on Mars

2281 - joined crew of USS Excalibur

2281 - junior grade Ensign

2282 - Ensign

2285 - Lieutenant

2288 - joined crew of USS Columbia