Welcome to the USS Columbia!

Hello, I'm Nicholas Papandreou, the Commanding Officer of the USS Columbia. Let me be the first to welcome you aboard! Columbia is an Excelsior-Class Star Trek sim set in 2288, which puts in in the Original Series Movie Era. Because of the game's era, we have the potential to explore some unique story lines that cannot reasonably be explored in a sim set in the current Post-Nemesis era.

Columbia explores the final frontier during an interesting time. The Federation was smaller, technology was simpler, starship life was harder, and the much of the final frontier remains unexplored.

If you're looking for adventure and exploration, there is no better place than Columbia. This is a time when relationships with many, such as the Gorn and Tholians are testy and contentious at best. Meanwhile, relations with the Klingons and Romulans are finally starting to warm, yet they remain fragile, and could lead to aggression at any moment. It also is a time when new worlds are entering the Federation and more are being discovered.

We have begun our first mission, but we are still accepting applications. Columbia is happy to welcome crew of any experience level! All we ask is that you are dedicated, enthusiastic, and willing to give us a try! To join, visit the crew tab, view our open positions, and submit an application. We thank you for visiting our game, and hope you enjoy your time here!

Commander Nicholas Papandreou
Commanding Officer
USS Columbia

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Latest News Items

» Surgery Tomorrow

Posted on Sun Jan 18th, 2015 @ 1:01pm by Lieutenant Tatiana Karatova in General News

Well, my wrist surgery is tomorrow. I’m not asking for an LOA (I will if
I need to), but I won’t likely be able to post at all tomorrow or Tuesday.
I should be back to the world of the living on Wednesday, though slow and
sloppy typing with one hand.

I did just type the OOC one-handed, so while slow, it is clearly doable.

Andrew F.

» I'm Back

Posted on Sat Jan 10th, 2015 @ 4:49pm by Commander Nicholas Papandreou Ph.D in General News

Attention Everyone,

First, let me apologize for my long absence. I had an urgent family matter develop over the holidays and had to do a great deal of traveling on short notice. As a result, I was unable to get back to any messages or give any time to Columbia. Nevertheless, I am still here and I am still dedicated to making this sim successful. Also, during this time, we had two crew resignations, our helmsman and navigator. While their contributions will be missed, I know that we will continue to produce high quality posts.

In the coming days, I plan on contacting each of you personally and inquire what sort of changes, if any, you would like to see. The XO and I have already discussed some changes that we plan on putting into action shortly. So, stay tuned!

Finally, I would like to thank you for your time and dedication to the Columbia. I’m looking forward to where this New Year will take us!


» Ouch!

Posted on Fri Jan 9th, 2015 @ 11:41am by Lieutenant Tatiana Karatova in General News

Hello all,

Andrew F here, writer of the no-longer-frozen LT Karatova. Just wanted to give a bit of an update.

About two-months-ago I fell and injured my left wrist and was told at the
time that it was a bad sprain. Well, it has not gotten any better and
yesterday I went to see a hand specialist and sure enough, one of the
small bones in the wrist was fractured.

To make things more interesting, because I am getting older (47), these
things are a bit harder to fix and I am borderline at the age where they
choose to just fuse everything solid (age 50). So, I went for an MRI and
CT scan this morning to see if the downstream side of the bone is still
getting blood, or if it has died in the last two months. Best case, they
screw the bone back together and I regain 80% or so of my range of motion.
Worst case they flip some healthy bone over from further up the wrist and
move into the place of the (hopefully not) dead bone, then screw it all
together giving at best 70% range of motion and less strength and

Either way, I’m looking at surgery in the next few weeks (sooner the
better), and then probably 3 months in a case.

I don’t plan on leaving any of my sims, but will be writing one-handed, so
expect slightly (hopefully not) shorter posts and lots of typos that I
will do my borderline obsessive-compulsive best to NOT correct.


» Newest Addition

Posted on Sun Dec 14th, 2014 @ 6:02pm by Commander Nicholas Papandreou Ph.D in General News

Good Day Everyone,

I would like to introduce to you our newest crew member, Lieutenant JG Jessica Kroenen, who will serve as our counselor. Knowing the interesting histories of our characters, there's probably going to be a lot of customers! Anyway, I look forward to serving with you and would like to welcome you aboard. I hope you have fun with us, and remember that my door is always open!


» Posting

Posted on Mon Nov 24th, 2014 @ 5:34am by Lieutenant Commander Christian Barns in General News

To All:

Hey crew of the Columbia, the Captain and I are always happy to do JP's with you to get the story moving. If you are having trouble thinking of a storyline we can help with that. We have some very strong writers. We can help!

Your XO!

Latest Mission Posts

» Living History

Mission: Mira Novum Orbis
Posted on Sat Jan 17th, 2015 @ 4:27pm by Commander Nicholas Papandreou Ph.D & Lieutenant Daz Kattean & Lieutenant Zuub & Lieutenant Tatiana Karatova & Lieutenant JG Ian Dunross & Ensign Zacharey Haines

The Captain was surprised at how easy the hike had been, but a planet with .7g gravity would do that, even in an environmental suit. The landing party had just finished coming down the final hill. About 100 meters in front of them was an ancient silver escape pod. Remarkably,…

» When It Rains It Pours

Mission: Mira Novum Orbis
Posted on Sat Jan 10th, 2015 @ 5:20pm by Chief Petty Officer Julia Wagner & Lieutenant Commander Christian Barns & Lieutenant JG Jessica Kroenen & Lieutenant JG Tivri Ben Hassrath


There was no sign of V’Las on the bridge. “Lieutenant Tevik?” Wagner asked once more. Again, there was no response. She quickly sprinted to the science console, and once more was unable to shut down the main deflector. “Commander...” Said the hesitant yeoman.

Commander Barns said "Shut down, all…

» Killing two birds with one Stone

Mission: Mira Novum Orbis
Posted on Sat Jan 10th, 2015 @ 5:01pm by Commander Nicholas Papandreou Ph.D & Lieutenant Commander Christian Barns & Lieutenant JG Jessica Kroenen

Mysteries of the universe, were just that. No one, had an good enough answer to these mysteries, not even the Vulcans, which Jessica, wasn't one. Some where just taken for granted, while other, the more lesser of the older ones, we're solved. However, an woman who study the mind indepth…

» On the Columbia

Mission: Mira Novum Orbis
Posted on Wed Dec 10th, 2014 @ 8:56pm by Commander Nicholas Papandreou Ph.D & Chief Petty Officer Julia Wagner & Lieutenant Commander Christian Barns & Lieutenant V'Las Tevik & Lieutenant JG Tivri Ben Hassrath & Lieutenant JG James Kiltran & Ensign Jerik


Lieutenant Commander Barns took the center chair and he knew that he needed to get the science department working on what happened and what was going on there. Christian turned to LT Tevik and said, "V'Las, you said that you felt something earlier? Can you locate it?

Her head…

» Getting to know you better.

Mission: Mira Novum Orbis
Posted on Fri Dec 5th, 2014 @ 9:19am by Lieutenant JG Tivri Ben Hassrath & Lieutenant Zuub

Sitting crosslegged on her bed, the ships communications officer was furiously typing on her computer. She was rather liking this new ship and the new crew she was working with. The ship felt as advanced as it should and the crew was rather friendly. Especially the doctor given how most…

Latest Personal Logs

» New assignement

Posted on Sun Mar 8th, 2015 @ 12:18pm by Lieutenant JG Jessica Kroenen

Log Entry: Personal

With in the last few hours, maybe even two, I don't know. I have meet my fair amount of new people. Some, aren't overly sure what to make of a doctor, such as myself. No, I'm not an medical type, but, a woman who's more then happy…

» Captain’s Log, Stardate: 8809.5

Posted on Wed Oct 8th, 2014 @ 1:21pm by Commander Nicholas Papandreou Ph.D

Captain’s Log, Stardate: 8809.5

Columbia and her crew are eagerly anticipating our arrival in the Zamarian System to begin our shakedown. Our first order of business is to test Lieutenant Tevik’s sensor modifications, which could give us a tactical advantage of the Romulans and Klingons, enabling us to detect a…